About Us

MotorCar (Owned by Alpha Ecom Technologies (FZE)) is an innovative mobile APP developed by tech-gurus to help connect UAE's car owners with hundreds of service providers such as auto workshops, insurance providers, mechanics, aftermarket auto parts, etc. at a click.

The APP is developed with a friendly interface to help drivers get their desired service with just a post, and service providers are notified about the request for each service they offer. This gives both the driver and service providers an open platform to negotiate and agree on a desirable price. There will be different quotes to select based on your convenience. If both parties are satisfied with the quotes and conditions attached, then the job is done as agreed.

With the help of MotorCar, you are capable of getting your auto market/garages, service stations, or aftermarket shop with just a post. The app aims to save time, hassle for drivers, and make life easier for new drivers who have no idea where and how to get a service done on their autos.

Our Vision

Our vision is solely to help UAE's car owners get top-notch services and professional work-done on their autos without looking, searching or moving from one auto garage to another for a needed service without success.

Our Mission

We are here to simplify the process of getting a service provider to work on your car or getting the best auto parts at the best rate without stress or wasting your productive time looking for the best products. Get your desired service providers just with a post.

What We Do/Our Service

At MotorCar, we specialized in connecting drivers around the UAE to Auto parts sellers and service jobs while also connecting services providers with potential drivers who may need their services. Our app connects thousands of car owners with mobile mechanics and dealerships every day and works 24/7 throughout the week. We provide an avenue for auto parts dealers and many other service providers to register on our app and use it to command daily work as drivers post their requests. Our app is readily available to help you get a competitive price for your needs with exceptional customer service. All you need to do is download the app and get started by posting what your car needs.

How The App Works

Motorcar is an app created by passionate technocrats to make life even easier for drivers around the UAE and its surrounding regions. As a driver, the most challenging situation is when your car broke down, and you have no idea where and who to turn to. Sometimes we get directed by other drivers, which may be our neighbor, co-worker, friends, or passerby, to a workshop or auto part sellers where we are mandated to negotiate or make a deal on the products/service we needed. During this encounter, we are given a which we have no idea if its good or overpriced, but we take it anyway. Other times it is the product that comes into question, and this can go on and on without us getting a fair price and good service done. With Motorcar's help, you are sure of getting multiple requests from service renders to work on your car with different quotes. This will put you at an advantage to choose the best price and closest service provider around you. All you have to do is tell us your car needs, and you will get a response that suits your cravings. Kindly Follow this step to get started;

Step 1:

Download the Motorcar App. Enter Your Details and tell us what you're looking for or what needs fixing in your car.

Step 2:

Wait for local service providers to bid for the chance to do your work or provide you that auto parts. Let them send in their quotes for the job, review, compare, and select the best price that's right for you.

Why Choose Us


We know how either Men or Women are usually busy and finding it challenging to visit garages. With MotorCar, you are guaranteed that you will not waste much time getting the right man for your job while you face your business rather than stressing over fixing your car.

Fair Price for The Job

With the possibility of getting multiple quotes from different service providers on your work, you are at the advantage of selecting the selections that match your budget while excellent service is done on your car.

Easy Access

Unlike searching for a workshop or looking for auto dealers from one region to another, you can now relax, log in to MotorCar app, post your request, wait for service providers to send in quotes, and select the best deal you want. No stress, book your needed service directly from your palm.

Customer Oriented Services

The app is digitalizing the whole interaction between drivers and service providers. Drivers and Service providers can interact with to get better information on the products, services, and cars involved. Post your requirements from your homes and office's comfort to get the most satisfying service around while using MotorCar app.

Benefits for Merchants/Service providers

With the availability of cars and the increase of owners every day, the burden is to service the vehicles and buy needed auto parts. MotorCar app has created an avenue for Merchants and Service providers to sell their market at their quote and to available drivers needing their service. Our app is developed to help both drivers and service providers benefit from the rare opportunity embedded in online services. Our Merchant Account Features is created with these special reimbursements;

  • Get a chance to use an app that makes use more visible to the public and help you find more work effortlessly in your area.

  • Create a seller account, view the driver's request, and submit quotes fro multiple jobs through your dashboard. Here you get an alert on all the jobs you were given.

  • With the presence of a live chat tool, you can ask drivers for detailed information on the task and also get the chance to chat and advertise your works

  • You will be paid directly without the interference of any middle man

  • drivers who come directly to your garage will not be charged

  • you are at liberty to attract customers with customized offers.

You will be charged either monthly or yearly as a subscription to keep using the app. Note, all your job money is 100% yours. We do not share any percentage from your jobs.

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